Style Struggles Episode 1 – What exactly does a 30 year old wear in Ibiza on her first girl’s trip?

Yes, you read that right – in the 30 years on this planet I have never been on a proper girl’s trip. Don’t me wrong I’ve been on Hen Do’s and big group trips but none of them have ever been out of the country and it’s never been me and a friend(s).

But 2019 came around and I needed a break.

“I need a holiday” I said to Nat as we had one of our many full day conversations.

“Well let’s book one then! How does Ibiza sound?” Nat asked.

Perfect I thought! Sun, sea and cocktails with one of my best girlfriends sounded like bliss!

So we scoured the interwebs looking for deals and found the best hotel ever!

The Paradiso Hotel Ibiza was perfection! Right on San Antonio Bay, the picture perfect hotel was too beautiful to handle.

My home for 5 days in September!

I mean – come on! Look at it! So pink and beautiful and pleasing to the eye – I can’t wait to kick back by beside the pool and soak up all that amazing sunshine and atmosphere.

So with the hotel booked, we got to planning. Ocean Beach was a must so I hopped onto the website and booked us 2 beds at Hot Bed, the Thursday party where they celebrate new and up and coming musicians and everything fruity in the world!

Then a week later I wake up to a Instagram post Nat has tagged me in saying she had booked us the Ibiza Rocks Sunset Boat party as a treat for my birthday!

It was all coming together and the countdown was on!

So here we are T-Minus 2 weeks to go and it’s becoming more real that I am going to be going to the White Isle with one of the most stylish gals I know and will be surrounded by beautiful people all the time sunning themselves and partying with their perfect bodies in their perfectly curated outfits.


Normally when I go on holiday, I wear clothes I can puff up in due to the heat (this is inevitable) and comfort is my number one priority apart from possibly one or two outfits if we are planning on having a fancy night out.

This will never do in Ibiza – land of the Instagram/Pinterest perfection summer wardrobes!

Now while I am panicking about all of this, I have a voice in my head as I look at clothes saying “oooft remember you are 30 Bunny! You have to act your age!”

So I do what every woman I’m sure does before going on holiday – trawling my ever diminishing wardrobe for stuff that could be vaguely classed as acceptable to the Ibiza heat and the partying demands.

I tried on all my bikinis and have managed to pull 5 out that don’t make me feel like too much of a beached whale. I have coverups galore from all the women in my family – we tend to have a collective selection of coverups that get used by us all when we go away – and I have some other pieces that look cute regardless of the scene (denim shorts, short romper suit and a Bardot dress)

My first worry – shoes!

So I started looking at blogs of what people wear in Ibiza and searching for the hashtags ‘Ibiza Style’ and ‘Ibiza Fashion’ and I was pleasantly surprised to see that most people were in flats! I love wearing heels and I do at every opportunity, but the thought of being in heels the whole day and night dancing around and walking along the cobbled streets was the idea of hell to me! But luck was on my side this summer season as Flat-forms are in! With the resurgence of the Spice Girls, flat-form trainers and sandals were everywhere! That’s one this ticket off the list!

Next job – Boat Party attire.

So the boat party is the first full day we are there and it starts in the afternoon and goes into the night. I know I need a transitional outfit that will work when I am on the boat, plus in the nightclub after and then wherever we end up. So I will definitely be wearing denim shorts and sandals but swim wear wise I’m not too sure. I started to look online at different one pieces because the thought of having my stomach out the whole day sent me into an anxiety panic. It is my biggest insecurity and I am always the first to get a food baby and when I am on a boat with free food and alcohol, it will definitely make an appearance! So a one piece seemed like a good option! The new problem? All the one pieces this year seem to have the middle cut out of them and actually displays the one bit I need to cover up! *facepalm*

By luck I have my work wife Gemma on the case! A sleuth with shopping she always finds the right thing and has amazing taste! “What about the plunge monokini?” She asked. I hadn’t thought of that! I’ve always been a fan of a plunge outfit! My chest isn’t the worst in the world and, even though it sticks out more than I would like to, my stomach from a front view looks vaguely flat which is nice. My angel Gemma to the rescue again!

So the monokini is purchase in progress and I’m going to wear it with the denim shorts, sandals and I’ll throw a kimono cover up in my bag for later on. Yes I know that is such an old lady thing to do but I would rather carry something that weighs nothing and use it than not have it at all.

Okay I am going to stop and take a breath now because that was my mother taking over my writing though me for a second *facepalm*

Next panic – O Beach!

The place to be spotted in Ibiza, the Pool Party where all the beautiful people congregate, drink champagne and marvel in each other’s perfect looks. Meanwhile, I’ll be going looking like an old foot compared to them! I am to glam it up for this one! Then I actually started looking online at tagged pictures of people who were there. Sure there were the standard “beautiful people” all lounging around, but the majority of the people in the tagged pictures were normal people just having a good time by the pool only with a bit more makeup on and their hair done.


So I know I can get glammed up with the best of them and will rock some sort of cute bikini and cover up. By that point, as it is the last full day, I’ll be more comfortable in my food baby belly and won’t mind about having it out as much as at the beginning of the holiday.

As I approach our departure date, I keep picking at my body and how it looks I the mirror, obsessing over making sure I hit my macros and get my workouts in so all my hard work hasn’t been in vain. Bearing in mind, I am currently bulking so I am going to be bigger, which I have made my peace with. But it doesn’t mean the normal insecurities I have about my body don’t rear their ugly head when I look in the mirror. I wouldn’t be doing myself or this blog justice if I lied about that fact.

All through this, I keep remembering that I am 30 and am I kidding myself in thinking that I can keep up with the pace of Ibiza and all the young ones flocking to the clubs and bars to party?


The whole point of this holiday is for me to go and relax and enjoy time with my bestie. It’s not to be “seen”, or getting instagram shots to make the people at home think I am having the most picture perfect time, while living that influencer life.

Hell to the no! That’s not me. That’s not who I am and never will be. Not that there is anything wrong with that. People should live their life however it makes them happy. And for me, chilling with Nat – people watching, eating some great food, drinking some great drinks, laughing and dancing our butts off is the only thing that truly matters to me about this holiday. I don’t want to spend my time stressing about how I look in a post, face tuning my body to hell that if I go missing nobody will recognise me based on the pictures I post.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be posting on Instagram all the stuff we get up to and no doubt multiple outfit shots. But I never post anything that isn’t real. There is genuinely no point. Like I said before that would do myself and this blog an injustice because it would completely go against my pledge of being completely honest and laid bare with you all.

My Instagram ethos is def for another post, so I will get off my soap box for now and continue.

So the Ibiza style struggle continues and will go on until I come home no doubt! I will post and update after I come back of what I ended up wearing while I was away and will do a separate post on my actual time in Ibiza. I now am sitting watching the calendar wishing I was leaving this weekend to dance the week away!

I ask you this readers of this post – what are your holiday clothing panics? If any that is. Do you worry about not dressing for the area? Packing too much? Or alternatively packing too little? Sound off in the comments section and lets build a world where people shouldn’t care about what they wear on holiday just that they are happy with the company they are with and enjoy making memories. Because let’s face it we work all year for these small breaks and making memories is what it’s all about, not worrying that a person you will no doubt never see again thinks of how you look in an outfit.

This is Bunny signing off and reminding you all to always B Sharp to who you are!

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