Making the decision to love myself.

Like every female in her 30’s, I have had my fair share of negative thoughts surrounding my body and how I look.

Hours spent in front of mirrors, picking at every little thing wanting what I felt was my view of perfection.

I’ve been in and out of gym memberships, diet plans, slimming tea, fat burning pills… you name is I’ve tried it!

Years of yo-yo dieting with the view of achieving this unattainable view of “perfection” I strived to get so I looked like a rake with lashes, left me emotionally and physically exhausted.

Then I broke my back.

One slip on a flight of stairs changed my view on my body forever!

Being left essentially bed bound for months and not able to exercise, I had no care about what I ate or drank.

My anxiety was sky high and I never took any pictures of how I looked at the time. I took selfies because they could be face tuned (Yes I face tuned – a lot!) but it was a tight frame of my face and only my face.

I dreaded going out the house in case I ran into someone I knew, I dressed on oversized clothing with lots of layers and scarves to hide my ever growing waistline.

When I finally came out the other side of my injury and managed put my life together again, I was miserable with how I looked.

The worst thing about all of this was my physio kept telling me if I put more weight on my recovery would be more difficult. I am aware how bad this sounds but I needed the truth because my attitude towards health and food was detrimental to my health (mental and physical) and recovery.

But where do I start?

It all starts with self love.

But self love takes time.

It’s a journey that is different for each person and takes many paths.

I will be chronicling my journey with self love over time, covering things I’ve done in the past to help me love myself and things I am going to do in the future to enhance my self love.

With me going away this weekend to Ibiza, the land of Facetune, Filters and unrealistically achievable natural body expectations I pledge to post pictures where I look like myself! Stretch marks, cellulite and all! Show the whole world my true authentic self!

I hope you find even a small sliver of inspiration to enhance your own because you are all wonderful human beings in your own special ways.

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